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Help! Need tips to help DS settle into nursery.

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monkeytrousers · 12/04/2007 07:43

He's 2.6 and has been with me all this time. I think his seperation anxiety has been worse recently as me and dp have been seperated - but part of the reconciliation deal is that he supports me getting my life back, hence trying to get DS into a nursery at least 2 mornings a week so I can have some real study time to myself.

The nursery have been letting me go in with him and stay to get him used to it as a play environment. He also has lots of friends from toddler group there so isn't isolated. I've done this for about two weeks, about three days a week and he is getting more confident but he goes into meltdown if he ever loses sight of me and won't even let me go to the loo.

Today I'm going to take in some photos of family, me, daddy, granny, and try to pop to the shops for 5 minutes to see how he gets on. I already take his favourite toys and books and his superman costume and none of these work.

Any new tips that worked for you that I haven't tried yet?

Anyone with a child that just wouldn't settle in nursery?

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auntyspan · 12/04/2007 09:25

I made sure that there was the same nursery nurse looking after my DD when I left, the continuity I think is important. The first couple of times I actually left I made sure she was being held, not just on the floor playing. That made it easier. HTH x

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