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Dummy problems

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gnu · 10/04/2007 09:39

I picked DD up from nursery on Thursday and found her with a dummy in her face. The first thing I said to the staff was "she doesn't have a dummy" and their reply was "its OK, its not hers". I left it at that even though I felt like saying "EXACTLY!".

This is the second time I have found her with a stray dummy and the staff haven't been bothered. I did speak to the manager last time who assured me it wouldn't happen again. Of course, DD then came down with a cold on Friday and I imagine cross-infection from the dummy was a likely culprit.

Am I being too fussy here, or should I kick up a fuss?

OP posts:
Clary · 10/04/2007 11:41

Ooh well they pick up colds all the time once they mix with others so I wouldn't personally blame the dummy for that.

I would be annoyed about her having a dummy if she doesn't tho. How old is DD? Are you happy generally with the nursery?

Nemo2007 · 10/04/2007 11:44

mmm thats a hard one as she probably jus tpicked the cold up generally as they do when they mix with other children. However my DD1 does use a dummy but wouldnt like to see her with someone elses in her mouth. If she is a toddler though they dont think like us and will often put everyone elses things in their mouth. My children will drink from anyones cup and share their cups. Have also known DD1 to pick up someone elses slobbered on toast crusts and eat it.

gnu · 10/04/2007 12:01

Oh I know they pick up colds easily. DD (who's 12 months btw) gets one pretty much every week it seems (she's at nursery 3 days a week, leaving just enough time to recover in time to catch a new one the following week). I suppose the dummy issue is just evidence of my frustration with the regularity of her illness (its not so much the cold itself as the ensuing cough - she has this for months after any cold, coughing literally all night long, and ends up needing ABs).

The nursery is fine generally and DD loves it there. They did have a spell of feeding her sausage rolls ("its ok, we did puree them" ), but otherwise OK. Better than the others in the area which seem to involve a couple of teenagers sitting on a dirty floor listening to Radio 1 while babies scream around them.

OP posts:
LucyJu · 10/04/2007 12:06

I'd be bl**dy annoyed if this happened to me! I don't suppose the parents of the child whose dummy your dd was sucking would be too happy, either.
Let the nursery know you are not happy and ask what they are going to do to minimise the chance of this happening agin. For example, could children with dummies have those special clips to attach them to their clothes?

Genidef · 10/04/2007 18:53

The irritating thing here is that they seem to have difficulty keeping track of what is normal for the various children they have under their care. They should think: A doesn't use a dummy, let's deal with this. Agree the hygiene standards don't seem to be fantastic, but I have to say that although my daughter Coco doesn't have a dummy there was a period when she saw others using them and got awfully excited. "My dummy!" and the hand would come out to grab. "No, not Coco's dummy." But the nursery staff should have a grip on what's usual for your child. That's the part I would be annoyed about.

ThePrisoner · 10/04/2007 20:11

Pureed sausage rolls? I hope you are kidding??

wheresthehamster · 10/04/2007 20:21

Also at the sausage rolls.

tassis · 10/04/2007 20:23

pureed sausage rolls is hilarious!!

i'd be v cross about the dummy thing

gnu · 11/04/2007 09:24

I wish I was kidding about the sausage rolls. I think there was an 'interregnum' of a few weeks when they were between cooks and this kind of fare started appearing regularly. Pureed waffles was another good one. Didn't much like to see the rows of value cola lined up in the kitchen either.

I am in Salford however, so having a cook is pretty good. All the other places seem only to deal in powdered food. I guess that's what you get for full-time at £75 pw.

OP posts:
colditz · 11/04/2007 09:30

Pull the other one it's got bells on

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