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DD has started walking at nursery! Argh!

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auntyspan · 05/04/2007 14:16

I'm missing it all..... my DD1 (14 months today) has taken her first proper steps at nursery this morning, the manager rang me to tell me about it. Was really happy and then really upset that I missed it.
I should be thankful as my nursery take a real interest in DD development.... but I still feel like a sh*t mum..... that guilt wheel is turning again....

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gemmiegoatEGGS · 05/04/2007 14:19

don't worry, i know it seems a monumental thing to miss but ther are so many more fantabulous firsts to look forward to. your dd could just as easily have taken her first steps when you weren't looking even if you stayed at home all day and baked cookies!

gingernutlover · 05/04/2007 15:36

I know, its hard isnt it

I'm pretty sure dd took her first steps at nursery although they were deliberatly cagey about ti when I asked - I think to save my feelings and they certainly never told me. IN a way though, thats nice that the nursery rang you - menas you kinda got to share the moment

and congrats to your dd - theres no going back!

gingernutlover · 05/04/2007 15:38

and there will be so many things you see for the first time. Just cos you know she has taken steps - there will be nothing like the moment when she first does it in front of you for you and for her - you'll both be pleased as punch I bet

NKffffffffee0f7f95X1118efd8f2d · 05/04/2007 15:46

It's the first time you see it that counts.

Mumpbump · 05/04/2007 15:48

Ds took his first steps at nursery. Dh saw it about 2-3 weeks later and I saw it a few days after that. I agree - first time that you see it is the important one...

compo · 05/04/2007 15:49

I'm really surprised they rang you to tell you tbh. I thought the etiquette was to let the parents think they had seen the first time!

auntyspan · 05/04/2007 22:20

well the manager is quite new so I'm not sure she was thinking things through - she probably re-thought when she heard the disappointment in my voice! She was very hasty to say it was only a couple of steps and she was she DD would do it again this evening. Did feel quite bad for her actually...... and needless to say DD was much too knackered to show me and DH - we'll have to wait until tomorrow.... ho hum.... xx

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