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Nurseries in Brighton - any recommendations ?

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bringmeashrubbery · 01/03/2007 16:08

I may be getting a job in North East Brighton and wondered if anyone can recommend any day nurseries there ? I have a ds (2.5) and a dd(1.5) who haven't been to nursery before so I am a little bit anxious about what to expect. Any tips greatly appreciated. ta

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rowan1971 · 14/03/2007 20:39

Hello there - only just noticed this thread while rummaging for something else. We've just left that area of Brighton and my son was in the Sunflower Nursery on Bear Road (off Lewes Road) for a couple of years. I'd happily recommend it - very friendly staff and impressive manager.

NurseyJo · 17/03/2007 22:32

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

Lamby71 · 13/05/2007 10:55

Hi. Thought I'd rejuvenate this thread. I've got a 10mth old, live in Shoreham and am shortly to start a job for 2.5 days in Brighton. Any recommendations for nurseries in Brighton/Hove (I'll be driving the coast route to work so anywhere nearish that would be great)?

Or I'd consider a childminder who had other children. Would love my little one to have company.

Would love to hear from you.

Lonie · 25/06/2007 13:46

Hello Lamby71
I can recommend Hopscotch Nursery on Nizells Ave in Hove. My dd has been going there for almost 2 years, and although we moved to Shoreham a year ago, I do not really want to move her as she is so happy there (and it is on the way to work). Not sure if there is a waiting list at the moment, though...

redshoes · 29/06/2007 19:47

Homefromhome on New Church Road is fantastic, but usually has a long waiting list. You might be lucky though.

NurseyJo · 29/06/2007 22:00

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

furrycat · 08/07/2007 21:57

Also hugely recommend Hopscotch in Nizells Ave - both dc there, staff are lovely, warm and friendly and seem to adore the children.

cheerio · 09/07/2007 09:00

As someone who worked as a nursery assistant I know how you can identify a good nursery from the way the staff are treated. This is crucial when you cannot wait for a place where the nursery is over subscribed. When you go round ask the staff if they have proper breaks. 45 mins - 1 hour for lunch and a proper 15/20 minute break am and pm? 10 minutes is not long enough to go to the loo, boil a kettle and drink tea. Poorly treated staff make unhappy staff and unhappy dehydrated staff make unhappy children. There are other good questions I can suggest but start with this one.

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