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Is it worth banking childcare vouchers?

wejammin · 13/09/2016 22:38

DS has just started in reception and DD is in nursery 2 days a week, not eligible for 15 hours until next September.

DH and I both get the full allowance of childcare vouchers. Until DS started school we were using all the vouchers plus topping up £50 for them both to be at nursery.

Now that DS is at school, he is going to breakfast club and after school club at a different nursery.

This has reduced our childcare bill by about £60 a month. I will have about £12 month in childcare vouchers unused.

As I have got used to the reduction in salary, and it is tax free, I thought the best thing to do would be to bank the unused vouchers so I could use them for holiday clubs at Christmas and in summer.

I'm a bit worried though about reading childcare vouchers could be phased out and I would hate to lose the benefit accrued.

Does anyone else bank their vouchers or had this discussion with their provider?

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cexuwaleozbu · 13/09/2016 22:45

I banked about £3000 worth of vouchers because I was planning to have DC2 and our finances were tough when DC1 was at nursery pre15hrs and I thought it would be good to ease the pain.

DC2 has never managed to get past about 8 weeks gestation so we are slowly using up the vouchers on holiday clubs, after school clubs etc. My provider has reassured me that the balance will never be lost so long as there are still childcare providers accepting the vouchers.

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