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Nursery in London N20 area

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boo64 · 01/02/2007 21:53


Anyone know of any good nurseries in London N20 or surrounding areas?

My ds is at one already but I'm not that happy with it. It needs to open in school holidays not just term time and offer half day places as I only work part time.

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boo64 · 06/02/2007 18:40


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boo64 · 13/02/2007 13:51

bump (again)

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donnie · 13/02/2007 13:53

I know several people whose dd/ds's are at Laurel Way and are very happy with it ( it is near the hospice).

boo64 · 18/02/2007 22:00

A friend of mine works at that one and sounds great but ds is too young for it (only 19 months).

Will definitely put his name down for later on though.

Thanks for that.

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gina7 · 20/06/2007 22:42

hi, you asked this question in feb i just asked this question today and found yours. please could you tell me did you find a good nursery in n20. also how do i pick up a message this is my first time on thanks gina

enjoi · 24/06/2007 09:39

You can call the local childrens information service for a list of nurseries in the borough. there is a freephone number but i cant recall it Try Barnet's switchboard 020 8359 2000

lmr1 · 01/07/2007 19:22

Hi Gina

I live nearby have you considered nurseries in barnet?

Tan1959 · 03/07/2007 22:46

Hi Boo

Have/would you consider a childminder? some childminders offer half day places and are open during school hols. What don't you like about the nursery?

boo64 · 21/07/2007 18:30

sorry - only just spotted this! How old is your dc?

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Helenback · 22/07/2007 21:19

I am up the road in Barnet and visited few nurseries a while back, so I am a bit out of touch with how they are now. But have you looked at Magic and the Kids Academy? Places seem to be pretty full at the moment though. Barnet Children's Information Service can send you an up to date list.

LornaL · 10/08/2007 13:10

My daughter is at Head Start in New Barnet - been there for 18 months now and she loves it and we are very happy with it.

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