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Blue Grass Purple Cow Nursery, Disley

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Seachelle · 01/02/2007 21:18


I'm going back to work in March and am looking for a nursery for my 9 month old. I am considering this one as was impressed when I looked round. Does anyone have any experience of it or know anything about it?


OP posts:
mumofhelen · 02/02/2007 16:57

An aquaintance's daughter has been attending this nursery for the last year and seems very happy - both mother and daughter. One of the better nurseries in the area I'm informed.

Seachelle · 06/02/2007 19:41

Thanks for that Mum of Helen. It's reassuring to hear of someone's personal experience. It definitely seems to be one of the nicest ones I've looked at. I looked round one that was rated as outstanding by Ofsted but I didn't get as good a feeling from it.

OP posts:
mumofhelen · 07/02/2007 18:07

This aquaintance has very high standards, and I can't see her placing her daughter in anything but the best. If I lived in the area, I would definitely place my daughter at this nursery. Unfortunately, I live a little too far from Disley.

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