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huskygirl · 29/01/2007 20:37

Hi, just wondering if anyone has used or is using this nursery at the moment and has any comments? Ofsted report seems good. many thanks

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huskygirl · 30/01/2007 19:28


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derbydougal · 01/02/2007 14:09

Hi there,

Have you been to see this nursery? I visited Tiny Tots about 1 month ago and personally I wouldn't recommend it for children less than 3.

huskygirl · 01/02/2007 21:38

No i havent visited it yet, was just trying to get a shortlist together to go and visit some. dd will be 2 in a couple of weeks and just wanted one or two days a week for some social interaction with little ones of her age. What discouraged you about tiny tots? did you visit Woodlands down the road from there?

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derbydougal · 01/02/2007 23:12

Hello again,

My ds is 2 in a couple of months and I've been touring Derby nurseries and childminders since the beginning of Jan (I'm returning to work p/t in Feb). Fingers crossed, I think I've found the right place for ds now (childminder). To be honest, I'm not really a fan of nurseries so I'm probably biased in my observations so please bear this in mind!

Tiny Tots: Its a small establishment with a room for babies and a room for over 2s. I was only shown the over 2s room because I visited during 'sleep' time and to gain acccess to the baby room meant walking through the sleep room. I was then told my ds would be in the baby room. This did not impress me, firstly because I couldn't see this room and secondly, as far as I'm concerned, ds isn't a baby anymore! The over 2s also had access to a messy area and a yard/garden (both were not very impressive). So from what I saw/was told, this nursery was geared up for pre-schoolers and possibly babies but seemed to lack a specific group and activities for 2-3 years olds. Also, generally I think it lacked a certain sense of professionalism that is present at other nurseries. I guess some people might like this though.

The Woodlands: I did a couple of disasterous trials here last year when ds was 10 months. I think at the time I was quite impressed with this nursery, but I'd only really judged it on the baby unit when I decided to register him. The problem was not the really the nursery but my ds, who had terrible separation anxiety at the time! Anyway, I think (from what I remember) that this is a better nursery than Tiny Tots.

Anyway, are you only looking in Alvaston? Let me know if you are considering any others and share what I know. I really think the OFSTED reports aren't that helpful. What us mums and dads need are reports compiled by parents

huskygirl · 12/02/2007 21:15

thanks for all your info, its very helpful. how strange to arrange your look round for that time if they knew you wouldnt be able to see the prospective room your child would be in! i would find that awful too! We are in castle donington and have been looking at the surrounding areas. We have heard very good things about a nursery in Melbourne, which i think we will probably go for a look round soon. i think its great to hear from parents of children that attend these places, however we dont know many people, which doesnt help!! there is no better opinion than expreience. i'm just quite nosey!! being a qualified nursery nurse myself i cant help but take a peek at their reports!

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