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Nine month old won't eat at nursery

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LittleMy34 · 22/01/2007 15:22

Hi there,

Just wondering if any MNers out there have had the same experience. My nine month old has been going to nursery for about five or six sessions now, has settled in well and is very happy. He'll nap there, but he just won't eat. It's not too much of a crisis as he only goes for mornings, so he won't starve, but he just won't eat anything hardly, even stuff he normally loves at home. And he won't take his milk there, but that might be a bottle vs breast problem, as we've been really lazy about keeping up bottle feeding to keep him in the habit of it.

We're doing Baby-Led Weaning so he doesn't eat vast amounts of solids yet anyway, but I wondered if anyone had the same experience and how long it took for their LO to settle down and start chomping!



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LittleMy34 · 23/01/2007 10:11


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fluffyanimal · 23/01/2007 12:21

Fiver or six sessions sounds like early days still. My ds (10 months) has been at nursery for 3 weeks and will eat lunch but refuses tea. Now he is gradually starting to try their sandwiches at tea time. If he still gets plenty of food at home and isn't unhappy there because he is hungry, i wouldbn't worry. Let them keep offering food and he'll probably take some eventually.

Liff · 25/01/2007 13:26

When my 8.5 month started nursery 4 months ago he refused to drink milk (or anything) there for the first 6 weeks or so. He then went off for a week with a bug and when he came back started drinking normally. Don't worry, it will sort itself out. Good luck!

LittleMy34 · 29/01/2007 19:19

Sorry, away for long weekend so haven't been able to check back! Thanks for reassuring words, I know it's early days but it's good to hear that other people's LOs have had the same reaction to nursery. And he did eat....drumroll.....a piece of cucumber and a rice cake on Friday!

Having said that, he had a nasty vomiting bug over the weekend and chucked up for Britain, so hasn't had any solids at all since Monday morning. Now I'm getting the same bug, stomach cramps a-go-go. Sigh.

Thanks again

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LittleMy34 · 29/01/2007 19:19

Sorry, I mean Sunday morning, not Monday morning. Sigh again.....

Cecilia xx

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