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Nursery and after school exclusion

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fct1 · 19/01/2007 15:32

Hi, we were given notice by the nursery and after school clubs that my DSs attend.
They have good quality care but made an admin mistake that cost us quite a bit. I sent them a letter with the facts and was never given a reply. We got to the point where they gave notice and the children will now miss out on their friends, etc. We would like to solve this as adults but they are refusing to discuss it.
Does anyone have any advice? Are we being unreasonable?

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NotQuiteCockney · 19/01/2007 15:33

On what grounds are they giving you notice? Can nurseries just ask people to leave?

Marina · 19/01/2007 15:35

They usually can if they feel the relationship with the client has broken down
Are you still out of pocket fct1?

fct1 · 21/01/2007 07:55

They did say the relationship broke down. Everyone's expectation when reading terms about notice is that they are put there to allow children that really cause problems and parents that just ignore it to move on, but they do not.
Essentially the care is good and in any case there are not many nurseries in the area.
We have very good relationships with the nursery and after school staff.
We are still out of pocket. The "broken relationships" were with their head office and only with the nursery company. Sad they felt they would not need to try and keep them. We have been 6 years at this nursery.
They are also excluding the children from the after school club.... giving notice on another company.
We now have an emergency situation with the childcare after having helped them get the breakfast/after school job...

What should we do?

OP posts:
fct1 · 25/01/2007 18:37

This is looking better now. Sometimes waiting is the best...

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