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Will DS cope?

BrightandEarly · 22/05/2016 08:42

DS (2) goes to nursery 5 days a week, albeit I pick him up early on two of those days. It's working so well for us, he (and we) love his nursery and he is really well settled.

DD starts school this year which means we have to get a nanny to do some before and after school care. In order to make the whole thing affordable, I think we will have to take DS out of nursery for one or two days a week to be with the nanny.

We've found a really lovely nanny with a DS the same age as our DS who will come along as part of the arrangement. She's got lots of fun plans for the boys while DD is at school so I'm not worried about that. I'm worried that decreasing his days at nursery will unsettle him there, and/or he will find it confusing that some days he's going to nursery, and other days he is not.

Has anyone been through a change like this? Do you think it will be ok?

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