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Son injured at school

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Mammabear07 · 07/02/2016 17:39

I've been having some issues with my sons nursery over negligence recently, and the most recent event that I'm hoping someone can help me in terms of how to address it with the school.
My son is three he is in the nursery but they let the nursery children play on the big playground I received a call just before I was due to pick him up that one of the older children had pushed him and he had gone face first into a tap.
This resulted in a deep cut on his forehead and I instantly took him to the minor injuries unit as he was very floppy and almost unresponsive to me.

After taking him out of school I began to think how wrong it was that the nursery children were out on the big playground, it could have been his eye.

I admit to being an overprotective mum, but I feel there is negligence in the fact that my son was injured. They have a little playground the little ones, if they were supposed to be on the big playground I I would have picked him back off. I spent yesterday in a and e with him with a suspected concussion. We were released but now he has to have a week off school till his skills get back to normal. How would you address this issue with the school?

I am worried it is understaffed or maybe they are treating the little ones as too mature, bar the fact my son should have not been pushed which I was told was malicious and the child and his parents have been informed of the wrong doings.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, I can't express the stress and trust issues this has caused. I don't want to send my son back, I unrest and incidents happen but with people from his own class, it would've been less of a shove.

Thank you all any help on how to bring this up to the school is appriciated

OP posts:
Whatthefreakinwhatnow · 07/02/2016 17:44

I'm probably going to be in the minority here, but I don't feel they have been negligent. Presumably in a few months your son will be 4 and will be starting school - the nursery are preparing the younger children for this transition by introducing them to play with older kids.

Your son could have been pushed by a child hos own age and sustained the same injury, just as he could have had he tripped and fallen over. I concussed myself not that long ago on a piece of furniture!

I'm sorry he was hurt, but these things happen and accidents will continue to happen right through school.

I hope he feels better soon Smile

starry0ne · 07/02/2016 17:48

It sounds like one of those accidents... They will have to look at there risk assessment due to accident but it sounds like it was one of those things.. not nice...

PurpleDaisies · 07/02/2016 17:49

It's fair enough to ask about the staffing ratios and if there's any official guidance about the ages that the children need to be to use the different playgrounds.

I agree with whatthefreakinwhatnow that it just sounds like an accident to me and the same thing could have been caused playing with a child his own age.

Get well soon to your son.

namechangedtoday15 · 09/02/2016 14:40

I agree that its not a case of negligence, the nursery will have undertaken a risk assessment no doubt to demonstrate that the larger playground is acceptable for little ones. However, I would ask whether there is any staff supervision whilst the younger ones are there, and if not, why not? I would ask that perhaps the teachers of the older ones have a talk to the older ones about being more careful if the little ones are playing on the playground too.

As the parent of a DS (now 10), I can't tell you how many times I've been called by nursery and by school to collect my DS after he's fallen / banged head / run into a wall (which resulted in a discoloured tooth until it fell out). I think its a partnership. Of course nursery is responsible and you want to ensure they're taking good care of the children, but your DS has to learn to appreciate dangers too.

My DS has/had no spacial awareness in the playground, is/was quite a poor judge of speed so always thought he could get to the ball / wall / whatever before his friend who was already part way there. The school / nursery will be watching him, but with the best will in the world, accidents will happen. We've had trips to A&E with my DS where there was only him and I in the room (with nothing dangerous) and he's still managed to injure himself!

insancerre · 09/02/2016 18:01

Doesn't sound like negligence to me.
Accidents do happen, and the nursery can't be held responsible for the actions of another child
How much older is this other child?
As others have said, it is part of preparing for school

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