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Starting nursery school in September and family holidays

Cornwall73 · 23/01/2016 05:38

Hi, our kids have been at a nursery since they were 2. It caters for 2-3yr olds and is run like a private nursery (used to be a children's centre but got shut down with only the nursery left running). It is within a larger school complex.

Unfortunately as they are August born they are due to start nursery school this Sept and will have to leave their current nursery which they love as well as being very convenient with timings. We have applied to the nursery school at the complex they are at now as well as at another nursery school. I'm guessing that induction will start second week in September but as it works on school hours we will have to start a new routine with a nanny/childminder/breakfast&rafter school club in terms of drop off and pick up three days a week when I'm at work.

We are arranging a family week away in September for FILs milestone birthday. I asked for this to be early September so we could do the induction and settling in routine at nursery school when we got back from the holiday. However BIL says that holiday rental places are still to high in early September and if we would consider late September instead. I know nursery school is not compulsory but I just don't know if it will be to disruptive to start a new place with a different drop/off pick up routine for a few weeks, have a week off, then come back and after a few weeks be off again for half term.

Last September when they started their current nursery this exact thing happened as we were visiting my family abroad for a week and it was the holiday from hell. Too much change and different things happening within a few weeks blew their mind! They would be a year older but I still don't know if disrupting nursery school induction and have a good run of weeks in the new place and routine is worth the ££ saving.

Any experiences?

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