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Do your nursers babysit in the evening?

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Mulder1 · 21/01/2016 15:59

Hi Mumsnet Community, my DD starts nursery and I wonder if I can agree with some nurses to babysit in the evening as I work late and really need this. Asked one of the nurses and she said she is not allowed. Has anyone managed to find a babysitter from the nursery? How did it go? Thank you!

OP posts:
BackforGood · 22/01/2016 00:04

I've read of it being suggested on MN, but IME all good Nurseries have it in their Safeguarding Policy that staff are not allowed to babysit for families that use the Nursery.

SnuffleGruntSnorter · 22/01/2016 00:14

No experience but maybe ask if they can recommend you someone? My childminder friend knows lots of other lovely childminders so they might know someone

nutmegandginger · 22/01/2016 16:10

Most people I know in rl use nursery staff for babysitting - I'm not sure why it's considered a problem. It's convenient as the child already knows and trusts them. Our nursery chain technically discourages it but it is not banned - you just have to sign a form confirming that it is a private arrangement and that the nursery is not liable for anything.

But if your nursery doesn't allow it, ask them if they know anyone, like snuffle says. They probably have friends who work in childcare.

Loraline · 22/01/2016 16:18

We've done it. Our nursery has a policy about it being a private contract and that you have to inform the nursery but it's allowed. I think they don't like it because sometimes it leads to staff stealing (leaving to become nannies for those families). It was great though as it was really short notice and it was the first time someone else was going to have to put DS to bed. We needed it to be someone he knew well and our families don't live nearby.

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