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Which Nursery

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Mazzieb1 · 18/12/2015 22:07

For those that live in Walthamstow or Chingford area, East London. I'm thinking of sending my child to either Busy Bees nursery in Walthamstow (used to be Just Learning) or Billet Corner nursery which is located by Chingford Sainsburys. Just wanted to know if anyone had any views on either of them? Thanks in advance.

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soundsystem · 18/12/2015 22:29

I've heard good things about Busy Bees, don't know anything about Billet Corner. Sorry that's not very helpful! Are you on the Walthamstow Parents facebook group? Lots of very helpful local folk on there Smile

TiggyD · 20/12/2015 00:16

Busy Bees, particularly the Former Just Learning ones, do seem to be the bottom end of the nursery market. Resources were scarce and in poor condition in the ones I've worked in. Check their writing area when you look round to see if there is one and that it's got fresh paper and working pencils/ crayons.
They're really tight with food too. They're a nursery chain the sometimes do starters and main course rather than main and pudding. On one occasion the starter was half a slice of bread with a smear of garlic butter, or "garlic bread" as they put it.

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