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Am I neurotic parent?

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car25 · 06/12/2006 12:57

Been to see a nursery today.

I asked if they cut up food like grapes etc as they were a choking hazard and they said no(!) They seemed to think whole grapes are OK as they sit with the children and teach the children to bite into them. I also spotted a one penny piece on an unattended play table. Needless to say I wont be sending LO there, I thought all nurseries would be hot on preventing choking.

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LubyLoo · 06/12/2006 17:20

Wish I hadn't read this! I am completely paranoid about DD choking and I'm now worried that her nursery doesn't cut up the grapes. I always quarter them!

car25 · 06/12/2006 17:58

I'm paranoid about choking too, I even go on a childs first aid course every year! Talking of first aid surely these first aid trained people at nurseries are warned of the dangers of choking on food?

Can't believe it myself, and they take them from 2yrs of age - surely it's better to be safe than sorry, how long does it take to cut grapes or cocktail sausages?? Sorry to worry you, but always best to ask & put your mind at rest.

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lupo · 07/12/2006 23:35

mmm, I work at the nursery and manager doesnt cut up the grapes for 2 plus as says there have never been any probs. I dont think its safe and would def specify that you want them cut up

achristmasshoop · 08/12/2006 00:20

I don't think so car25, after all, it is your lo's safety you are thinking about and they are the most important things in the world to you.

handlemecarefully · 08/12/2006 00:32

Well if you are, I am too!

I still cut up grapes for my 4 year old's school snack box

And with a small child, I'd be casting my eye around for choking hazards too.

I remember picking my dd up from the gym creche once - there was a paramedic there (fortunately he wasn't needed - but had been called as soon as the problem arose), it transpired that a little boy (aged between 1-2) has swallowed an elastic band. He had been choking on it and staff called 999 and one was despatched to pluck him mum from her exercise class. Fortunately it was the mum who removed it (just shoved her fingers down his throat and tugged). I arrived in time to see the aftermath (fortunately a happy ending) but it was quite shocking.

What was an elastic band doing on the ruddy floor!

achristmasshoop · 08/12/2006 03:00

Just lucky the bloody mum was called really!
I suppose its our instincts that kick in when we see our children like that.
I'm surprised someone hasn't reported me for child abuse when I see my little one start to choke! I just start slapping him on the back, mainly out of fear, I know I have to clear the obstruction.

car25 · 08/12/2006 13:20

Well, I have been so worried for the other children there, that I contacted Ofsted, who stated that the national standards do not state food has to be cut up, although staff must ensure the safety of children at all times, including during meal times. I will ensure I ask the question as to whether they cut up grapes etc at every nursery I look at for my LO.

OP posts:
handlemecarefully · 08/12/2006 13:23

That is frankly quite ridiculous!

There is a problem with the standards then, since I believe that ROSPA specifically cites choking hazards and grapes in particular as an area for vigilance with small children

nurseryvoice · 08/12/2006 14:25

we cut up grapes at our nursery.
we also peel apples.
you cant be too careful!
staff and parents can be lackadaisical and not see hazards, i go round twice a day and point out anything i see.
you are well within your rights to say cut grapes in half, or for absolute safety, dont let them serve grapes at all to your child.

car25 · 09/12/2006 17:31

Thanks for all your comments, because of this choking hazard I will not send LO there, it is no good them cutting up only her food and no one elses, who is to say she won't grab a grape etc from someone else, or from the table during the rolling snack time. If they are this carefree on food choking, what else may they be carefree on that I didn't spot in my short visit??

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