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Besidetheseaside14 · 17/09/2015 19:37

We are moving back to N16 after a year living elsewhere. We've bought a nice flat on Albion Road, close to Grasmere Primary - yay! The school looks great. We've been offered a place for our 3 year at the school nursery, but it's afternoons only (12.30 - 3.30), which is a bit of a nightmare in terms of me going back to work.

Does anyone know the nursery? Do you rate it? I'm trying to figure out if it's worth going through the pain barrier of looking for morning childcare or whether I should just find another nursery (places for 3 year olds being like hens teeth in this part of London).

And how helpful do people think it is for a preschooler to do nursery at the primary they'll be starting at the following year?

I thought I would be bowled over by the nursery, as we were by the school, and I love the idea of our daughter doing nursery within the primary she'll go to..... BUT I just didn't warm straight away to the nursery....

Any views?

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bumblebeas · 23/11/2015 10:12

This may be too late or not what you're after, but Sandbrook Community playgroup is lovely - and not far from you. It still only offers limited hours (15 hours a week) but you can top up with lunch clubs and pay for additional sessions on an ad hoc basis. You can choose when you want your child to attend and chop and change mornings and afternoons. You can even bunch them together and do a couple of full days. The staff are lovely and have been there for years and it's in a terraced house so feels very homely for the children. It's also incredibly good value as its community run, so not for profit. Two of my children have gone there and both adored it.

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