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changing nursery - your experiences?

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scarletmonkey · 26/06/2015 12:58

We have two children, DS is starting school in September. Currently they both attend a lovely nursery, both starting there when they were about nine months old. But, once DS starts school, I cannot find a way where I can find before school childcare for DS, and then go an drop DD off at the nursery, and then still be in work on time.

I have found another nursery, one that also provides a breakfast and after school club for the school that DS will be attending. On the face of it, this is the perfect solution, as I could drop off and collect both children from the same place each day, and they will walk and collect DS to/from school. It looks fine, good reports, nice outdoor areas, etc etc.

But, I love where they are now, though soon will only be DD there. I would be very sad to have to move DD (18m) she’s really settled there, I’m very happy with how she is cared for, and she has a very good relationship with her key person.

Has anyone had to change their childs nursery? How did they adjust to the change? What are your experiences?

I’m sure they will be fine. I think that part of this is purely down to me and my fondness of current nursery, in particular the relationship DD has with her key person (who was also DS key person when he was a baby). The staff at the new place seem just as caring, facilities just as good. Maybe it’s more of a “end of an era” feeling for me that’s making this so hard, especially given DS is off to school.

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sugartees · 28/06/2015 22:00

My DD changed nurseries when she was 2. We'd moved house and the old nursery was near work but we needed one closer to home because of the wraparound service for when she started school. I didn't have the emotional tie to the old nursery that you have tbh - they'd had a lot of staff changes and I'd started to get concerned about the level of care DD was getting so the change was easier for us. DD thrived at the new place (she still goes one day a week) and has never looked back.
I think you need to make the choice that's most practical for you - your little one is young enough to adapt to a new carer even if it seems like a wrench for you all at first. The old place will understand that you haven't made the decision lightly and I'm sure they'll want to be kept up-to-date with little ones progress after they've left.
Sorry can't be of more help, just wanted to reply because I sort-of understand Smile

Barbeasty · 29/06/2015 10:28

We did exactly that for exactly the same reason.

DS loves his new nursery, loves seeing DD after school, and settled incredibly well.

We were clear with the old nursery that this was purely about logistics. They understood and were fine. For us it was more about the picking up and having 20 minutes to do a 20+ minute drive to nursery and get there as they were due to close.

I felt guilty. This wasn't a decision about doing what was best for DS, it was convenience for me and about DD starting school. It would have been easier if I wasn't happy about the old nursery.

Towards the end of the year now and we're all happy with it. I think it really is an end of an era feeling. And maybe a slight sense of lack of control- it's a reactive move not a deliberate choice.

HeyMicky · 29/06/2015 10:31

DD moved from a childminder to a nursery at 18 months when we moved house, then to a new nursery at 2.4 when the first closed down. Absolutely no issues.

If she's emotionally secure and well attached generally she'll be fine with the move, and she'll see her brother there as well

ChocolateBreakfastBalls · 29/06/2015 10:37

I moved DS from nursery attached to older DCs school to an independent pre school last year when he was 2. Best decision I've ever made, the nursery was wonderful, but it just didn't work for him. Pre school is much more structured and he's thrived, going from refusing to talk at nursery to being an engaged, lively and well liked member of his peer group where he is now.

DD (also 18 months) still attends aforementioned nursery as it's easy to pick up and drop off when collected older DC, but I'm giving notice and removing her at the end of term, initially to stay home with me full time sep-dec but she will start at DS pre school in January. I don't regret it, nursery are beginning to slightly irk me by not following our routine because they are very child led and whilst this is great in theory, in practice its causing DD problems with sleep at home.

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