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My Nursery is OFF [sad]

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Katymac · 08/11/2006 13:22

The Highways agency say that as you can't see in 90m in each direction (out of an existing enterance) we cannot open the nursery.

This is non-negociable

I am speechless

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JackieNo · 08/11/2006 13:23

Oh no! But isn't it in the grounds of an existing school?

Mumpbump · 08/11/2006 13:24

Sorry to hear this. You've obviously been putting a lot of time and effort into your plans. I'm sure there will be another opportunity, you just need to find alternate premises. A couple of the nurseries near me are just converted residential houses on straight roads. Any chance you could investigate that? It would save all the hassle of converting a shell and you wouldn't have to worry about insulating high roofs!!

Katymac · 08/11/2006 13:24

No the school said no (that was weeks ago)


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lulumama · 08/11/2006 13:25

no way....after all sorry.... is there another site? or have you lost the will to carry on? bless you...after your hard work ....

JackieNo · 08/11/2006 13:25

Oh, sorry. After all that planning too.

Katymac · 08/11/2006 13:25

Can't afford a house round here (cheapest would be about £250K & then planning won't give permission as it's a residential area (I tried)

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Mercy · 08/11/2006 13:29

Sorry to hear this, Katymac .

WHat a strange reason too.

Miriam2 · 08/11/2006 13:41

is there any way the entrance could be moved to a safer place?

Katymac · 08/11/2006 14:03

That's what I said...can't it be moved

But apparently not - there isn't any room

OP posts:
smeeinit · 08/11/2006 19:24

oh katy thats awful for you im so sorry
all that hard work. what a shame

HRHQueenOfQuotes · 08/11/2006 19:28

oh I'm so gutted for you - haven't posted on many of your threads about it - but I've been following them.

Katymac · 08/11/2006 21:53

Thanks guys I do appreciate your sympathy

I need a miracle...I just don't have one

OP posts:
HRHQueenOfQuotes · 08/11/2006 22:06

Katy - I can so sympathise with that awful feeling when you realise that the time and money you've spent on setting up a business has almost certainly (never say never though) been lost - we were in the same position last year (though I pray that you've not spent as much money, or got into as much debt as we did before getting to that stage).

Don't give up hope yet though - you never know what's round the corner.

Katymac · 09/11/2006 08:15


My dad has rung & he thinks it might be worth paying a planning consultant to have a look - this would be the first big expense (so it's not too bad really)

Now I just need a planning consultant

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GeorginaA · 09/11/2006 08:19

Oh Katy - I was getting really excited by the sound of your nursery. I so would have wanted something similar for my two. There MUST be some way around it, surely?

Hopefully the planning consultant will know more of the tricks to get it through...

Katymac · 09/11/2006 20:43

OK so we might be on again.....maybe?

OP posts:
GeorginaA · 09/11/2006 21:33

Oooo ... spill - what did the consultant say?

Lrkids · 09/11/2006 21:39

Katymac, only just seen this, really sorry you've hit a wall but hopefully you will find someway around it. Would be an awful shame if you couldn't.

Lrkids · 09/11/2006 21:40

Oops, just read the rest of the thread
Come on then, good news??......

Katymac · 09/11/2006 21:41

Stuff about moving the entrance and braking distance at 30 mph....I have to wait for more info

I have done an uptodate thread on it all

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