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Nursery missed high temperature

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solitudehappiness · 23/03/2015 18:31

collected lo from nursery today and knew immediately something was wrong.
got lo home and temperature was 39.4 and is still high. Took to GP etc.
When I collected lo I asked why she was so hot and caseworker said lo had just woken up, and she's fine.
how can they have missed this? lo has been going since before Christmas, so they know lo well enough.
how do I make sure this doesn't happen again?
or am I overreacting?

OP posts:
Littlefish · 23/03/2015 20:43

How old is your dc?

I'm sorry your dc is unwell, but I think you're over-reacting. They didn't miss her high temperature on purpose. Unless you want them to take her temperature every day just as a matter of course, then it may happen again, or it many not. If she's only been going since before Christmas, then I don't think that necessarily is long enough to know her well enough to recognise when she has a temperature. It depends how many hours a week the attends.

solitudehappiness · 23/03/2015 21:20

Dc is 21 months. GP was concerned as heart rate and pulse was racing too. Ds's eyes were watery, and glazed, and dc looked unwell and wasn't usual self. Has been going to nursery since November, 2-3 days a week, and 2 days full time for last month.
I'm realistic that nursery can't take temperature every day. But, surely they know when a child is suffering with a very high temperature?

OP posts:
KeturahLee · 23/03/2015 21:23

If she'd just woken up and seemed a bit hot but fine then it's easy not to realise it's a temperature. You're overreacting a bit.

WidowWadman · 23/03/2015 21:33

You need this

Children are often a bit warm when they were snoozing. If they haven't appeared otherwise unwell, chances are that there was no obvious reason for the nursery to suspect they're ill.

Piffpaffpoff · 23/03/2015 21:38

I'm sorry but I think you are over-reacting a bit too. If she'd just woken up then they will not have been able to observe her up and about to notice any differences, such as glazed eyes. If you had picked her up even 15 mins later, that 15 mins might have been enough for them to observe that she was unwell and report it to you.

Sirzy · 23/03/2015 21:42

I agree with the others you seem to be overreacting, rushing to the GP at the first sign of temp also suggests over reacting to!

Cookiesallforme · 23/03/2015 21:48

I think it's important to realise that the nursery staff may never know our children as well as we do. They will care for them to the best of their ability but will not always recognise immediately signs/ traits etc that we do as their Mother. A similar thing happened to me in my DS nursery and I pointed this out to his keyworker, who genuinely wasn't aware anything was wrong.

Whilst I understand your concerns completely, the fact that your DC had just woken up and was warm was the reason the keyworker probably didn't pick up on it. Like piff says, had you have picked up your DD 15 minutes later, they may well have observed your child and noted she was unwell.

I really hope that your DD feels better soon.

Littlefish · 23/03/2015 21:52

I agree with Sirzy. I'm not quite clear why you took your dd to the GP for a temperature.

phoenixrose314 · 23/03/2015 21:53

My DS is always very warm, red-cheeked and hot to the touch when he first wakes up, so it wouldn't surprise me that nursery missed it if you picked up so soon after nap time.

I know it's scary to leave your child in the care of others, as they will never be able to have that amazing "mother's instinct" that gets us through those challenging years - but they are qualified professionals and I'm sure would be very upset to hear how ill your LO is. They would not have missed it on purpose.

Really hope your LO feels better soon Flowers

tinkerbellvspredator · 23/03/2015 22:03

Your DC must have been fine when dropped off this morning otherwise you would have kept at home or asked nursery to keep an eye on them if you suspected they might be coming down with something. They may have become ill at any point but most likely not before the nap, so unless you have reason to think otherwise I don't think you need to worry.

SteppeAwayFromTheKeyboard · 23/03/2015 22:15

sorry OP, but your toddler has a bit of a temp, and is a bit poorly. You rush off to GP and are angry with nursery.

very over reacting.
Give your dc some calpol, and drink and an early night.

Seek GP advice if temp doesn't come down with meds, or if it lasts more than 3 days

temps are quire normal for toddlers

TheWhiteRoad · 23/03/2015 22:19

Why did you rush her to the doctor for a temperature?

Toddlers are often warm when they first wake up. I don't think her nursery was negligent. I do think you are overreacting.

solitudehappiness · 23/03/2015 22:46

Took dc to GP on advice of 111.

OP posts:
rollonthesummer · 23/03/2015 22:49

My children were all hot after a nap. I think you are overreacting!

Littlefish · 24/03/2015 06:38

Yes, but why did you phone 111? Your child had a temperature, that's all. I know it's distressing when your child is unwell, but it really is nothing out of the ordinary. As steppeaway said "give your dc some calpol, a drink and an early night".

Are you generally an anxious person?

Tonicandgin · 24/03/2015 06:43

Seriously... You're all talking about mothers' instinct. Do you not think that would have impacted op deciding to go to GP.

I agree that not every temp needs to go to GP but bashing op because she decided to go to docs is harsh and unnecessary.

And, its not the qn she asked.

solitudehappiness · 24/03/2015 06:53

Experiencing loss in my family makes me love my ds's, and doesn't necessarily mean I'm overly anxious or need to get a grip.
I certainly don't contact GP everytime dc's are I'll.
Thank you all for your comments. Feel I was judged quite harshly though!

OP posts:
MinceSpy · 24/03/2015 07:05

OP what was the doctor's diagnosis and was any medication prescribed?

solitudehappiness · 24/03/2015 10:02

GP gave nurofen to bring down temperature and heart and pulse rate. Told us to wait half an hour, but temperature hadn't come down.
Keep dosed up with paracetamol and contact if no improvement

OP posts:
phoenixrose314 · 24/03/2015 19:52

solitude I suffer with anxiety too which is why I didn't make judgey comments, just reassurance that your DC's nursery would not have missed it deliberately.

I always call NHS Direct if I'm unsure what to do... surely that is what it is there for?

solitudehappiness · 25/03/2015 11:21

Thanks phoenix.
Don't necessarily think nursery deliberately missed it, which is why I asked if I was overreacting. I think a temperature of 39.3 is different to being hot 10-15 mins after waking.
Lo still has temperature, cough etc, but, paracetamol and cuddles are helping.
Really felt hugely judged, from other posters.
Not everyone parents the same, or has experience, hence asking advice.
Not so sure I'd ask again....

OP posts:
phoenixrose314 · 25/03/2015 17:10

I've had similar experiences on here. For more support I tend to use netmums instead. I've been reduced to tears by some of the comments on here when all I was asking for was an opinion about a situation, not for someone to make judgements about me, my life, my relationships or my parenting style.

Some people just love to put you in a box, though. "Oh, you're PFB mum." "Oh, you're doormat wife." Just ignore it - you're doing the best by your child and nobody can fault you for that.


solitudehappiness · 01/04/2015 08:51

My maternal instinct knew something was wrong. LO has bronchiolitis and an ear infection. Medicine prescribed just starting to work. Been a horrible week, and poor love really struggled the last week.

OP posts:
AlexD72 · 04/04/2015 22:18

Young children can develop a temp very quickly. You said you felt that something was wrong so you took your child to the GP. You did the right thing and you didn't over react. You must always follow your instinct. I hope your little one gets better soon.

solitudehappiness · 05/04/2015 08:45

Thank you Alex. LO is much better thank you Smile [smile

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