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Not wanting to go to nursery after illness

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gourd · 23/02/2015 13:57

Our child was ill just over two weeks ago with a virus which resulted in a painful ear and then a perforated eardrum a few days later. This weekend, having already finished the course she had an allergic reaction (rash and swollen face/throat) to the antibiotics she was given for the eardrum (there was no infection, they were prescribed as a precaution). All of last week and today, she has been very teary every morning/evening and saying that she doesn’t want to go to nursery. I’m more worried about her actually saying she doesn't want to go to nursery than the tearfulness as she can be a bit teary when tired but she has never said she deosnt want to go before. She's always loved nursery, cheering “Hurray” after every weekend when she knew it was Monday and she was going to nursery, and then not wanting to come home when we were collecting her. Nothing has changed at nursery that I’m aware of. They do have a high staff turnover but always have had and it's never bothered her before now, so don't know how likely it is that having a new-ish nursery staff member would bother her now. She has had 3 so far but the last change didn’t upset her at all and they have two staff in the Pre-school room anyway, one of which has always been there since she started. One of her friends left in November but at the time this didn't bother her massively - she mentioned it a few times but there were no tears. No other pre-schoolers have left since then. She’s never been very ill before but I’m pretty sure she had a few days off from the CMs in the past due to viral infections, and we have holidays where she doesn't go for a week or even two weeks and none of these have seemed to cause her to be upset about going back to nursery afterwards. She doesn't seem to be ill or have any ear pain now. Could a small break in routine and 3 days off nursery two weeks ago still be causing her to be tearful every day and say she doesnt want to go - or is it just post viral tiredness?

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gourd · 23/02/2015 14:45

Been called by nursery again to collect her (it takes me 90 minutes to get there so DH going instead as he can do it in an hour). This is the 4th time we've been called to collect her in three weeks. She seemed fine this morning except for saying she doest want to go/bit tearful - but only once they started leaving the house, before that she was full of beans and ate all her breakfast. DH is certain that DD knows we will come to collect her if she cries and wont join in. I'm not sure about that - she's always loved it there so she must be feeling poorly to be crying and not joining in even if her temperature is normal. Maybe she is ill but it's third week in a row now and neither of us can keep taking half days/days off leaving early to collect her or we wont have any leave/flexi time (or goodwill) left at work. Is this normal? DD never been ill before save for a few colds which havent prevented her going to nursery and enjoying herself as usual - so this seems to be a really bad bout of illness to have effected her for a third week in a row.

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gourd · 25/02/2015 08:55

OK so now this is just odd. Dont know if DD is/was really ill on Monday or not. Nursery called Monday afternoon saying she was v unhappy and crying, not joining in, and saying her ear hurt (which she hasn't complained of since the day before it perforated with is 2 weeks ago now) and scratching her antibiotic reaction rash (which has faded and almost gone and which she hadn’t scratched at all previously and still hasn't scratched at home).
DH went to get her but when he arrived an hour after the phone call she was happily sitting reading a book. She was fine all afternoons even whilst at the walk in clinic waiting for 90 mins to be seen. When they were seen the doctor couldn’t find anything wrong with her apart from the burst eardrum which we already knew about and a slightly raised temperature.
However 20 minutes after they returned home from the clinic, I spotted the start of conjunctivitis, 4 days after she finished antibiotic course, which seems odd to me, as I'd have thought the antibiotics would prevent eye infection.. Anyway the eyes haven’t bothered her at all (it looks minor, not much discharge) but nursery don't take kids with eye infections so she had yesterday and will have today off nursery - she is perfectly well and full of bean in herself.
She said yesterday “I think I'll stay at home tomorrow too actually”. And later ”Mummy, I don't want to go to nursery tomorrow”. When I asked why, she said “’Cos my ear is still poorly you know”. When asked by Dad on Monday night why she was so upset at nursery she said “’Cos everyone was banging and shouting”. This does make me think maybe her ear is bothering her or possibly that due to nursery noise levels, she is finding it hard to hear what's being said to her - she appears to have some hearing loss after perforated eardrum as she mishears words and doesn't seem to hear quiet noises or quiet speech at home. I don't know if this is normal at this stage – we have a check up on Friday so will find out then. However she appears completely well and healthy in herself. This morning she said ”Hurray, I’m staying home today” then “I love staying at home with you” (to her Dad) when she realised she can’t go to nursery (due to conjunctivitis). She can go tomorrow though as they take them after 2 days of treatment.
I am now beginning to think DH is right that she is having a wobble about nursery, maybe as a result of not being able to hear properly - but if so I don't know what to do about it. She’s been there exactly 6 months and loved it all so far. Could it be that she’s finding it hard at nursery due to her hearing suddenly not being 100%? Or does the onset of conjunctivitis make you feel unwell? She has been saying she doesn't want to go to nursery for weeks though, since the initial virus and ear pain she had when I collected her early and she didn’t go in for a few days.

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