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Are nursery germs worst in winter?!

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ClearlyMoo · 11/02/2015 11:05

There's a thread in parenting at the mo about how long it takes DCs to build up a bit of immunity to nursery germs. A few friends have started their 9 month olds in nursery lately and they've caught all sorts. My DD will start Nursery mid April - I just wondered if it's likely to be as bad in spring or if it's just how it is - whenever they start?

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ClearlyMoo · 11/02/2015 19:12


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insancerre · 11/02/2015 19:17

Its not nursery germs
Its just your child coming into contact with lots more people so they sometimes pick up more illnesses
It does depend on the child. Some children have better immune systems so can cope better

Butterfly13 · 11/02/2015 19:19

It will be a little better but they catch loads of bugs / illnesses when they first start

ClearlyMoo · 11/02/2015 23:16

Thanks both, yes I realise the nurseries themselves aren't to blame for the germs it's just increased exposure.

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TheYellowCat · 11/02/2015 23:19

I think it will be better yes.

My eldest started nursery in April and I don't remember her being ill as much as my second who started in November and has been constantly ill ever since.

LynetteScavo · 11/02/2015 23:35

I suspect there is less ventilation during the winter...a room of people all together coughing on each other is going to spread germs more than if everyone was outside for much of the day.

Teanbiscuitsallround · 11/02/2015 23:47

IMO- yes, definitely . I'm in the childcare field and go into a lot of Nurseries as part of my job. Of course increased exposure to other children will be part of it, but ventilation is a major issue. If there is no window open, even v slightly , then inevitably there's nowhere for the germs to go. Cross contamination is very much increased IMO during winter, but nurseries have a responsibility to manage correct infection control policies and implement them properly as well as cleaning toys/ equipment too.

No shoe policies in baby rooms etc . These are all so important, particularly with the babies, who of course are building up their immunities , so policies and procedures need to be strict and followed through.

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