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Anyone know how much (roughly) nursery fees are in Harpenden?

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Imnotwonderwoman · 28/01/2015 15:36

We are trying to work out if we could afford to move there. I suspect they are substantially more than we pay here in the West Country!

OP posts:
insancerre · 29/01/2015 06:26

Ring some nurseries and ask them
They won't mind

ReallyTired · 04/02/2015 14:26

Harpenden is an expensive place. Are you actually working in harpenden? Nursery fees are far lower in places like Hemel Hempstead or Luton. I think that people do pay a premium for services in harpenden. Housing in harpenden is blizzering expensive as well.

Namechangio · 06/02/2015 18:11

About £70 a day depending on the nursery

Namechangio · 06/02/2015 18:11

And the age of the child

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