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does your nursey use time out?

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SANA · 09/10/2006 16:33

When I was dropping DS ( 19mths ) to nursery last week, i was quizzed as to how he is with other children. it appears that with particular toys ( slides) he has no paitence & will push other children and they have to use time out with him at least every day. I dont mind this but I have told them that when he is on the slide to keep a eye on him as he does get excited ( although i have never seen him push). Anyone else know if it this happens at your LO's nursery? & if so how do u feel about it? just want to know out of interest!!

OP posts:
Charellie · 09/10/2006 16:52

The nursery my dt's attend do time out as dt1 has needed it on several occasions.

They're not allowed to leave the child alone so would leave the classroom and take the child to another room for the timeout and stay with them as far as I'm aware

When dt1 used to have really bad tantrums her key worker would sit on the floor looking away from her

doggiesayswoof · 09/10/2006 16:57

Dd's nursery has time out, but only from 2 years old. For the under 2's they just gently reprimand and distract with other activities. The time out involves sitting in a particular corner for 2 minutes, and they get it immediately for hitting/kicking/biting or after 3 instances of pushing or grabbing toys.

doggiesayswoof · 09/10/2006 16:59

Meant to say dd has needed it once, for hair pulling - and she's never done that out of nursery!

LittleScarer · 09/10/2006 17:04

Mine does time out. Don't know if they have done it on dd but one day when I picked her up she had been bitten and they told me the culprit had had time out!

mumeeee · 09/10/2006 17:13

I have worked at nurseries where they have used time outwith the children,but never for under 2's.

aideesmum · 10/10/2006 09:24

My ds is also 19 months and this is never done for under 2's at nursery as they don't understand what it is.

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