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Advice needed - change of nursery again or care at home??

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Cakehead · 08/10/2006 20:34

My daughter, started nursery in March when she was 6 months old. She settled smoothly but occasionally DH and I had misgivings about little things that bothered us. By May things had come to a head - at times I felt they'd not been quick enough to spot she was ill, she was given inappropriate food on occasion. I think they genuinely cared for her, but the staff were all very young and seemed to lack experience in certain things.
We decided to change nursery to a nursery school we really liked, but had to wait for a starting place in September. However, on her first day at the new nursery, the owner wrote to us to tell us it was closing at the end of the year. We're stuck now with a dilemma. Should we put her back in the old nursery, knowing that she's in the routine of going out of the house for a few days a week, or should we get a nanny or CM? Once she's two - next August - there's another really nice nursery she can go to. In the meantime, I'm reluctant to put her back in the first nursery, although she's walking now so would no longer be in the baby room, so she'd be cared for by older staff.
However, I'm worried that if she's cared for at home, she'll find it hard to settle into a new nursery next summer. We'll already have had three changes of routine in 9 months come January. Will she get too attached to her carer and find it hard when she's sent to nursery again? She's had rather a lot of change already.
Sigh. Any thoughts would be much appreciated.

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SANA · 09/10/2006 09:50

I would probably leave her at the nursery she is in at the moment providing the things that bother u r not that serious. I think all parents at some time r unhappy/uncomfotable or worried about how thier child is looked after at nursery....and the reason for that is becuase as parents we think ( know) that we would do it better. If they love & care for her then I think that is enough. My DS is at nursery 4 days a week ( he started in Feb of this year when he was 11mths) and there are always little things which niggle me, DH puts it down to me being a control freak. Last week for eg they missed he had chicken pox ( hands up so did I until 3 days in as they were only on his back & DH does bathtime!!) maybe u should wait to c how she is once she moves out of the baby room before making a decision.

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