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Isleworth Area - Looking for Nursery Recommendations

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Paddlechick666 · 21/09/2006 15:32


I'm looking for childcare for my dd of 11 months and am reasonably new to the Isleworth area.

Not having much luck finding anything at present.

Can anyone recommend anything in the Isleworth, St Margarets, Richmond, Brentford area?

Ideally want a small setting without hordes of under 2s but a personal recommendation from another MNetter would speak volumes for me.


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gegs73 · 21/09/2006 16:54

Teddies in Brentford is supposed to be very good. A friend of mine has had her boy in there from 6 months old he's now 2 and has always been very happy.

They have seperate baby rooms for when they are younger and they move up as they are ready for it. She has often paid them suprise visits during the day and has consistently been happy with the care.

Paddlechick666 · 23/09/2006 08:04

Thanks I'll check it out.


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