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DS starting new nursery & unhappy (long)

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Bradsmum · 19/09/2006 14:26

My ds has been very happy at his previous nursery and did a full day (8.30 - 5.30). He is 3 and not 4 until November so all his chums who were 4 in August went off to their Reception schools. To avoid him being left with the up and coming 2 year olds and being by far the oldest, we moved him to the nursery attached to his primary school. He now cries every morning when he's dropped off, won't eat his lunch and, after the first session at the after school club, is distraught at the thought of going into what he calls "the big, grey cave" which is in fact the school hall where all the kids congregate (he is one of the youngest). I have had to change my work hours temporarily to be able to pick him up by 4.00 so he doesn't go to the after school club. Some days he has cried on and off throughout and some he hasn't. We had just had a 2 week holiday before he started and then I had to go away for 5 days leaving him with dh. Is it the disruption? I am so upset for him and currently looking for a childminder so he doesn't have to do the after school club. Is this the right approach? Has this happened to anyone else?

OP posts:
Bradsmum · 20/09/2006 17:57

Any views?Thanks

OP posts:
Overrun · 20/09/2006 18:00

It must be hard for you both to adjust, maybe a childminder would be the best approach, as nursery at his age is quite demanding. My ds1 just watches telly or lies on the floor playing with trains (very listless) after he has been.
It could be that the afterschool club is one step too far, and you don't want him to develop bad associations of where he will go to school.
Having said all of that he might just settle in, its only been a couple of weeks.
Good luck

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