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The settling-in period

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MPearl · 12/09/2006 12:09

the nusrey my 1yr old son has just started, the keyworker, suggested i stayed with him for 1 hour on the Wed, then leave him for 2hrs on the Fri( where he cried most of the time) then he was due to start the following Wed (he now attends Wed - Fris 9am-5pm) Does this sound like enough settling-in time?? Fortunately I am still on annual leave, so I am currently collecting him a lot earlier. What was your experiences of settling in times??

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liquidclocks · 12/09/2006 12:11

My DS settled in really well but he was a bit younger (9 months). He also has a muslin he takes everywhere - is there anything you could leave with him that he would find a comfort? It does sound like 'normal' settling in though, especially if he's not used to being away from you.

MPearl · 12/09/2006 12:15

ok. i was recently speaking to someone from a Leapfrog nursery who said their settling in period was a lot more structured ie leaving him for 1hr; the 2hrs the next day, then 3hrs etc & they had a review/meeting... yes my son has a muslin that he takes with him too

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Cakehead · 13/09/2006 12:11

My DD had a two-week settling in period, beginning with us both staying for half an hour in the baby room, then an hour. Then I left her for an hour, then two. Then she did a morning. Then she did a lunchtime. Then she did an afternoon. Then we started stringing it all together. Did go smoothly, but she was 8 months and hadn't reached the clingy stage yet. But two days seems a bit short to me.

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