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Does anyone know...

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babygirl05 · 03/09/2006 17:20

Does anyone know of a good nursery in Rainham, essex? My dd is 11 months old, i just want to send her for a morning a week, she is my only child and id like her to get used to being around other children, as we have no other kids in our family. Or does anyone know how id go about finding a nursery??

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sunnydelight · 08/09/2006 14:55

Try for information on childcare in your area. You might find it hard though to find somewhere that will take her for just one morning a week - most places say at least two sessions is best to help children settle. A childminder might be more flexible and will still give your daughter the other kids around that you want (personally I prefer childminders for under 2s as it is a more homely environment, but that's just me!). TBH it will be easier once she is over one as the ratios of carers/children change then.

babygirl05 · 08/09/2006 19:10

Thanks for the info, i have found one just round the corner that is lovely. They too suggested that she spend the full day there to get used to it.
Thabks again!

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HappyMumof2 · 08/09/2006 19:22

Message withdrawn

babygirl05 · 09/09/2006 21:02

Yeah that maybe a good idea, i have to go and see the nursery yet at the end of the month. i will be able to ask questions and what see what they advise me to do. I havent thought about about childminders. I only want her to go so she can interact with other children and to stimulate her mind a little. she is very forward for her age!

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