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4 year old not wanting to go to nursery anymore

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Cadzooks · 29/08/2006 21:49

Hi can anyone offer any advice on my little girl. My heart is breaking! She is a summer birthday so she's not at school til January although she's desperate to go sooner. She's been going to this fab nursery 3 days week for the past 2 years and no real problems. Recently though (this last month) she's been having floods of tears over going and saying so-and-so's not my friend any more etc... Is this a typical stage in social development where the kids reject each other as friends and fall out (I thought only 8 year old girls did this power game rubbish in the playground!). It seems to torture her though as she's a one-friend kind of girl rather than a butterfly who can just play with any kind of group.
Her nursery is mainly boys as well and I'm thinking is this a sign of the difference in the way girls and boys play with each other?
Either way she's not a happy bunny. THe carers (who are top notch) don't seem to be too in touch with the social networks between the kids but say that my LO is OK during the day and that a few of the older kids have just left for school and that she may just be missing them and getting used to being one of the older guys now.

She only has few months left there before school, so I'm reluctant to change nursery now or get childminder (less social stimulation). Should I grin and bear and see if she gets better or should I step in to help her last few months there be more fun?

Tell me o wise ones....

PS Do working mums ever have NO guilt?

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