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Do you have a full set of outside clothes for you child that is kept at nursey all the time?

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ikeaismylocal · 09/03/2014 22:15

14 month old ds is due to start nursery at the end of the month, we live in a cold country where the kids spend lots of time outside, the clothing requirement letter was 6 sides of A4!

Ds needs a rain suit, snow suit, thermal socks, thermal wellies, 2 hats, waterproof gloves, woolen thermal underwear, neck warmer, 4 layers.

We own all of these things but I wonder if we should buy a set for nursery?

OP posts:
pixiestix · 09/03/2014 22:19

How many days a week will he be there? If its five then it sounds like that might be the best option.
I'm in England and no, I don't keep any outdoor clothes at nursery for DD permanently, but there isn't really any need with our weather. One set of indoor clothes and some slippers.

vvviola · 09/03/2014 22:20

I send in a backpack every day with changes of clothes, spare sun hats/rain gear etc depending on the season. They have a small cubbyhole to keep the bag in and then it comes home with us every evening (and becomes our bag for changes etc when we're out and about)

Could that work? Saves you buying extras?

JabberJabberJay · 09/03/2014 22:23

I live in the UK but DD has 2 changes of clothes that are kept at nursery, plus wellies and slippers for indoors. If saves carting stuff backwards and forwards all the time.

What does your nursery recommend you do? What do other parents do? I think it's certainly worth investigating in a 'nursery set' of commonly used items. Could you buy second hand to keep the cost down?

wadi1983 · 10/03/2014 07:21

I would say Yes, just for ease more than anything.. And check his bag daily incase u need to wash anything

surroundedbyblondes · 10/03/2014 08:07

Yep, it's quite standard where we are. (also in Sweden)
They have have rain set (either thermal or standard depending on season) and wellies there permanantly plus spare indoor clothes.
In addition to that, in the winter they have a fleece, fleece trousers, thermal socks 'fuskpolo', hats and gloves of varying thicknesses. Summertime they have a cap, suncream and swimming costume + towel.
They come and go wearing trainers and either an overall/snowsuit, windstopper-fleece or hoodie depending on the season and so they have that there with them during the day also.

We were told very kindly by DD2s key worker that an extra set wasn't obligatory but that it saved a lot of hassle in the mornings getting a bag of thigs together. This way we know that they have what they need and don't risk being too cold or wet as they will be outdoors in literally all weathers.

Label EVERYTHING. Lots of kids have the same Didrikssons/Polarn/Lindex etc items and I spend five minutes at the end of each day hunting down lost boots, gloves, hats etc.

If you have a big Ica nearby they have good prices on outdoor gear so that's worth looking at.

ikeaismylocal · 10/03/2014 08:11

Thanks for the advice! It sounds like buying a nursery set is the way to go, I think second hand is a good plan for the rain stuf. It feels like early summer at the moment, it's going to feel very odd buying cold weather stuff!

OP posts:
surroundedbyblondes · 10/03/2014 08:17

Try also for reduced price raingear!

SpookedMackerel · 10/03/2014 08:20

We keep only rain trousers and wellies at nursery, which often get worn for playing outside. Dd usually just wears her everyday coat with them - we did have a waterproof coat there, but it just adorned her peg and never got worn.

Snowsuit, we only have one, usually she would wear it to walk there in the morning anyway in snowy weather, ditto hat, mittens, snow boots etc; it would be silly to have two sets there taking up space on her tiny peg. Obviously if you come by car not wearing them it would be different.

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