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day nurseries in Hitchin or Letchworth

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Azzurro · 03/02/2014 09:08

We will soon be moving to Letchworth and are looking for a day nursery in Hitchin or Letchworth.
Busy bees and Wonderland in Letchworth are both good (according to costed), highbury lodge and minders mill are apparently outstanding (but both oversubscribed, no places for DD till Sept :( )
Millenium first steps close to the station has space but costed is not very few reviews and parents were saying nursery is great under new management....
I can't wait to move BUT I AM DREADING CHANGING DD nursery ;(
Her present nursery is absolutely fantastic...

Any comment is GREATLY appreciated, I feel to trust more people experience that costed reports

OP posts:
Azzurro · 03/02/2014 09:12

Costed = ofsted silly autocorrection function

OP posts:
drawohamme · 01/03/2014 20:49

No advice OP but I'm curious about First Steps so I'm marking my place. Want to know if it really has improved.

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