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Daffodils nursery Norbury and Streathem

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local79 · 03/12/2013 20:02

Hello, does anyone have experience of Daffodils Nursery? Its privately owned and they have 2 in Norbury and a new one which opened 2012 in Streatham. Im basically considering sending my 2 year old to the new one (which has an ofstead good rating May 2013) however i was looking at the ofsted reports for the other 2 and one of them has a complaint in 2011 about how the behaviour of the children is managed, potty training, health and safety aspects, and sleep routines. I know theyve been ofsted inspected recently and am waiting for this to be published however im not totally convinced by these reports and the previous one rated it as good and then a few months later these complaints came in! My concern is that they use staff from the other branches sometimes and theyre all owned by the same person so need to be re-assured that the one im thinking of sending her to is a good one. If anyone has any info at all id really appreciate it!

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