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Gift Ideas!

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AugustaCarp · 11/11/2013 17:44

There are two lovely nursery workers in the baby room who've been looking after my DD since she started in October. I'd like to get them something nice at Christmas, but not sure what? Any ideas?

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Boltonlass1972 · 11/11/2013 22:18

Vases from NEXT; candle and holder; rustic jewellery boxes, big lightweight scarves (2 for£15 run by a friend of mine; they also sell bargain jewellery) hope you find something x

TeamSouthfields · 13/11/2013 00:46

I find a voucher always goes.down well....


TiggyD · 13/11/2013 14:11

Male or female?

Food or drink is always welcome! Some naice chocolates?

CMMM · 17/11/2013 19:21

I have bought my twins' key worker a 1/4 bottle of champagne and a very nice box of little chocolates. The express purpose to be, do not share, run a bath and scoff the lot for you one evening. I didnt have a lot of money to spend so wanted it to be just for her.

Melon2312 · 02/12/2013 15:06

I've been wondering what the etiquette was around this - is it common practice to get a card and small gift for just the key worker then??

Amythesianwaterfall · 02/12/2013 22:09

There are 3 members of staff in the baby room at our nursery and so I have got vouchers for them all but with a higher amount going to the key worker. To be honest, all three of the lovely ladies look after our son fantastically and so I wanted to give all 3 a present. Hope that helps!

SimLondon · 03/12/2013 22:09

but what vouchers?

whatsoever · 04/12/2013 11:04

Glad someone has started this thread. DS started nursery at the end of October and I wondered what the etiquette was. There are 3 ladies who look after him and all 3 as much as his named key worker, to be honest (as she just works mornings and he does 3 full days).

I had wondered about something shareable like chocs and just get one pressy but if that a bit naff? I don't know them well enough yet to know about their personal interests.

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