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Will 9 MO Need Anything for Nursery

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LetThereBeCupcakes · 29/10/2013 09:06

Hi All,
My 9 MO DS will be starting nursery in 2 weeks time and I'm just wondering if he's likely to need anything? They provide nappies and formula (though I will be expressing milk for him). Is he likely to need a waterproof all in one? They say they try to get outside every day if possible.
We have our inductions next week so I'm sure I'll be told this stuff, but we live a bit out in the sticks and planning a shopping trip this weekend so could pick up useful stuff then. Do people leave a change of clothes at the nursery? What about sleeping bags?
I'm going to be a nightmare when he starts school!

OP posts:
wickedwithofthenorth · 29/10/2013 11:44

We asked for changes of clothes, sun hat/sun cream whatever the weather, boots and waterproofs for all walking children, medicines and teething gel and a toothbrush and toothpaste. We had a lot of storage space and a washing machine for the children's things so always encouraged parents to leave a nursery bag with us. If he normally sleeps in a sleeping bag send one in with him.

CMOTDibbler · 29/10/2013 11:49

I always left two changes of clothes at nursery just in case! And I was able to leave milk in their freezer so if ds had a particularly hungry day they had a backup.

No sleeping bag - ds seemed fine with doing things differently at nursery.

I wouldn't send waterproofs till hes walking. Its useful to have an extra coat, mittens, hat so you can leave them there

Barbeasty · 30/10/2013 06:50

Yes to waterproofs. DS is let out crawling all over the garden and loves it.

Artandco · 30/10/2013 07:11

Usually change of clothes ( maybe x2 at that age incase sick/ poo/ wet/ mud/ paint etc)

Spare winter hat and gloves, and summer hat and suncream in summer. Then can leave all there

Some ask for toothbrush and slippers depending on nursery and age.

Equimum · 01/11/2013 10:42

I'd ask about waterproofs before purchasing specifically for nursery - DSs nursery provide puddle suits for non-walkers, and it's easier for them to use their own stock that find each child's own.

We have to provide nappy cream, teething treatments, change of clothes and he takes his special toy each day.

NotCitrus · 01/11/2013 11:52

When mine started nursery I had to buy shoes (non-walkers so didn't have any), a sippy cup, and a notebook for the daily log. Each day I took in changes of clothes, 4 nappies (all-in-one or pocket - they never got to grips with nappy nippas), coat, and as needed wipes and cartons of formula until 12 months (they started at 11mo and I didn't bother expressing at that point), hats and mittens left there.

LetThereBeCupcakes · 01/11/2013 19:38

Thanks everybody - picked up a hat and some mittens today as they were only £3. Have found a waterproof on Amazon so will order that as soon as I get home from the trial, so it should arrive in plenty of time. NotCitrus I won't bother expressing either as DS is only going 3 mornings a week, and often doesn't take a feed during that time. If he's hungry he will take formula which they provide. Lots to think about though!

OP posts:
Willowbear · 01/11/2013 22:31

Waterproofs are a good idea although the nursery may provide some. I would say 2 full changes of clothes to be on the safe side. Things like nappy cream, teething gel and any other creams eg eczema cream.

It might also be useful to get a pair of soft shoes to wear outdoors. The nursery should provide all of the bedding but it may help your DS to have his familiar sleeping bag if he is struggling.

alranson · 20/11/2013 00:30

My son is 9 months old and has been at nursery for 2 months now.
What you need to take all depends on the nursery, as they are all different. His provides nappies, wipes, formula, snacks and purees. He has his own assigned cot, with bedding provided by the nursery which is washed once a week (unless there's an accident). They give me a pre printed handover form at the end of each day with details of his feeds, sleeps, activities etc written in.

I knew he would need spare indoor clothes (in case of accidents) to keep at nursery, and a warm coat/snowsuit, hat and mittens for going outside. I also made sure to have lots of spare bib/bandana things to keep at nursery for when he's teething and dribbling a lot. So that was all sorted.

What I DIDN'T fully prepare for, and was caught out by in the second week, was that parents have to provide all their own general OTC medication. So you need to make sure that you give the nursery (labelled with your child's name):

  • nappy cream
  • general cream for rashes, such as Savlon
  • teething gel
  • Calpol or Calprofen

The other things I sent at the beginning were two bottles for him to take formula and water from during the day. They live at nursery and the staff are responsible for cleaning and sterilising them (result!) Also a small Snoopy to keep him company in his cot.

One final thing: I ordered some name tapes done and sewed them into his coat, snowsuit and clothes so that there was no danger of getting them mixed up with another child's. As a result I've never had any clothes go AWOL but his shoes (which I couldn't sew a nametape into) did disappear for two weeks - apparently they were eventually found in another child's spare clothes box. After that, I haven't bothered sending him in shoes anymore. They don't like anyone to wear shoes in baby rooms, parents and staff included, and most of the babies seem to wear just socks, slippers or even bare feet if it's warm enough. Until your child is walking then you really won't need them.
Xmasbaby11 · 08/12/2013 23:01

At that age, DD had at nursery:

2 changes of clothes
nappy cream
hat and outdoor wear (snowsuit)

Definitely no shoes until she started walking, after the age of 1.

That was it really. I was just aware about having spare sets of things (and lots of clean clothes) so i could top up from day to day. DD was/is a messy eater and can easily get through both spare sets of clothes in a day.

We didn't take in medication unless DD was unwell, and then we had to sign a form every day.

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