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WWYD? Settling issues

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Equimum · 17/10/2013 13:06

After looking at various childcare setting for DS (nurseries and childminders), we chose to take him to a smallish nursery where I work, which allows children to follow their own sleep/ food routines etc and is well staffed by mature carers.

DS started seven weeks ago, aged 8 months (ideally would not have used nursery so early, but this really is lovely and more individually focused than most childminders).

DS is happy when we arrive and his initial years stop before U'm even out of the room. The thing is, I keep being called back because he's unsettled. Apparently, he's absolutely fine while his caree is right next to him, but he gets very distressed when she has to leave him. They say this will just get better with time, but will it, or should we be doing something? At the moment, I just want to withdraw him, but I'm not sure that's rational.


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chelsbells · 18/10/2013 11:08

Keep going with it.. However 7 weeks in the staff shouldn't be asking you to come down to him, if you worked 20miles away you wouldn't be able to.

I had a little boy very similar to this in my care at nursery, sounds to be as though the staff need to reassure him and play with him and as they are doing this they need to gradually create more and more physical space between them to build up his confidence to explore on his own - but it can take some time!

Plus point is it sounds as though he's made a strong relationship with his keyperson! Grin


jenniferlawrence · 18/10/2013 12:25

I don't think they should be calling you to be honest. It's their job to learn how to settle him. My daughter has been in nursery since 10 months, she is now 2 and the only times they've called me were when she was ill. It sounds like they need to get some of the other members of staff to bond with him. Does he have and form of comforter with him at nursery?

Equimum · 18/10/2013 22:34

Thanks for your reassurances.

Jennifer yes, we take his teddy in.

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