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19 mo moving nurseries.

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HKat · 14/10/2013 08:44

Hi. My dd has been going to nursery full time since she was six months old, and has been very happy there. In a couple of weeks she will be dropping to two days a week only as I'm going part time. But we've now decided to move closer to dp's work as a result, which means she'll be changing nurseries altogether (moving out of London). She'll be 19 mo when this happens and will be two days a week at new one. She's a very sociable little thing and has one or two v close friends where she is now, but I'm hoping she's too young to realise she won't see them again. But i'm generally worried about settling her into a new place after the familiarity of the old one all her life. I know she'll have settling sessions, but anyone else done this? Any hints or tips to make it easier for her - or us?!

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Mamabear12 · 14/10/2013 22:18

I had to switch nurseries to one closer to me bc I'm having second baby and other nursery was 20 mins walk. We loved it and she was happy, so sad to pull her out. However, she adjusted fast to new nursury. First day of new nursery at 18 months, she cried first day and after was fine. She now looks forward to going in the morning. Even grabs her book bag and is basically like okay let's get out the door! I think if ur daughter is already used to nursery, she will be fine. Might be a little difficult first few days, but fine after.

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