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What is your nursery holiday policy?

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Racers · 21/06/2006 15:56

Do you get an allowance of a number of weeks in a year when you can take your child out of nursery and not pay and if so, does your nursery specify when these have to be taken?
Ours has just decided that 2 of the 4 weeks have to be taken in a block during August. We obviously expected to be restricted once DD goes to school, but didn't expect this quite yet (for years, the policy was you could take the time whenever you liked - booked a term ahead) - so just curious what other people can do.

OP posts:
compo · 21/06/2006 15:58

If we're on holiday we still have to pay. The nursery is closed for the week in between Christmas and New Year and on Good Friday and Bank Holiday Mondays. But we still pay the same monthly amount all year round.

LotosEater · 21/06/2006 15:58

same as compo

JackieNo · 21/06/2006 15:59

Yes we pay regardless of whether he's there or not, apart from Bank Holidays.

Pamina3 · 21/06/2006 15:59

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bundle · 21/06/2006 16:00

you still have to pay. would you like them to give away your place when you're on holiday? the staff still have to be paid and the 2 weeks in august thing works for us, because we chose the nursery we accepted this policy.

Bozza · 21/06/2006 16:00

Nursery closed Christmas week and Bank Hols and we don't have to pay but the bill is averaged out on a monthly basis with this taken into account. We then get 3 weeks at half price which we can take whenever we like but have to give a month's notice. Previously we have taken these in June/September but now that DS is at school I booked DD out for the May week and two weeks at the end of August.

anchovies · 21/06/2006 16:00

same as compo, no additional holidays

Bozza · 21/06/2006 16:01

But bundle to be fair to racers they have changed the policy since she chose the nursery.

bamboo · 21/06/2006 16:02

We pay regardless. I don't really mind, after all, I'm still getting paid and presumably they have the same staff costs to cover. The policy at your nursery sounds generous to me - is that normal for your area? I don't know if anywhere near us does that.

bundle · 21/06/2006 16:03

fair enough bozza, but I joined the management committee of our nursery to take part in deciding about such policies, even if they are restrictive, they are for the benefit of the nursery as a whole (ours has private and community places, and is a registered charity).

Racers · 21/06/2006 16:09

bundle do you mean you still have to pay? We don't - we can have up to 4 weeks without paying and we chose this nursery partly because it was not restricted and now, 5 weeks after starting, it is. That's just bad luck, I know. I can see that we might be lucky in that we don't have to pay for those weeks, but this might be reflected in the price of the childcare overall. I know staff still have to be paid. In fact the reason given for the change is something to do with pay and conditions, following the University's recent job evaluation project. I think the half-price scheme is good - a month in advance is great as we have to book now for anything up to Christmas.

OP posts:
bundle · 21/06/2006 16:10

of course we still have to pay. the staff still have to be paid, and they do a v good job.

FoghornLeghorn · 21/06/2006 16:12

When DD was at nursery we still had to pay regardless. I gave them about 4 months notice last year when we went on holiday yet the still charged us. Although I was advised I would still be charged if DD was meant to be there and didn't show i.e she was poorly, we were not told this was the case for holidays

tissy · 21/06/2006 16:12

Our nursery is closed for two weeks at Christmas and we don't pay for those. At other times we pay 50% for notified abscence (ie booked in advance), 100% for unscheduled abscence

tissy · 21/06/2006 16:13

absence, absence, absence, absence, absence, absence, absence, absence, absence, absence

Racers · 21/06/2006 16:13

I accept the needs of the many must outweigh the wants of the few . I think what has annoyed a few people is lack of communication, as it is just 'decided' and announced on the booking form for next year's sessions. I'm new to the nursery so I don't know whether there has been any consultation (with parents or staff).
I agree, it probably is more generous than some, but it is partly a service provided for staff and students at the Uni I work at, so while it has to be self-sufficient to some extent, it ought not to be massively profit making, iyswim

OP posts:
bundle · 21/06/2006 16:15

we don't try to make a profit, just break even & do a bit of fundraising for trips, garden stuff & toys etc. funding "fee holidays" would put us into the red for definite.

Racers · 21/06/2006 16:16

bundle - just checking! I'm glad they do a good job for you (ours do too, I didn't intend to imply otherwise)

OP posts:
tenalady · 21/06/2006 16:18

No such luck, as always ive paid a term in advance and I dont get any concessions if he is out of the nursery. That applies to French classes, Football classes and swimming classes. Its disgusting if you ask me.

bundle · 21/06/2006 16:18

sorry if i came across as stroppy

we have had a real headache balancing our books and I feel passionately about our nursery in particular as it helps low income families and those returning to study. some of those children wouldn't have access to such good quality childcare if the fee structures weren't as they are.

Racers · 21/06/2006 16:20

perhaps my nursery has enough subsidy from the Uni (as I say, it is a 'service', a 'resource' as is the library etc) to manage things the way they are. $ weeks is the maximum, so they work on the basis of £x income per place. I don't know why you think I wouldn't understand that the staff still need to be paid.

OP posts:
Racers · 21/06/2006 16:22

well I can see that you were feeling a bit defensive - I was starting to think you were our nursery manager and knew I was talking about you, for a minute

OP posts:
bluebear · 21/06/2006 16:28

Always had to pay even when we were on holiday, also paid for bank holidays when the nursery was shut. That is the norm, round here.

Racers · 21/06/2006 16:30

Well, we obviously do ok then.

OP posts:
KristinaM · 21/06/2006 16:32

we still have to pay. racers, since your nursery have changed since your child started, surely the new policy applies only to new children ie can they change your existing contrcat?

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