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Disaster with nursery can anyone recommend eveline in Raynes Park instead?

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micegg · 20/06/2006 18:30


I have had to change my plans re: the chosen nursery due to a bad expereince at the first settling in day today. To cut a long story short the staff were unwelcoming to say the least and the room smelt like a toilet (yes I know babies smell sometimes but not that bad!!). Anyway we left within 5 minutes and I told the manager that we are not going back. Fortunately I dont go back to work for another month. We are now thinking of Evelines in Raynes Park. The Ofsted report is not so impressive as the first place but the staff seemed lovely. I am very anxious now as I thought the first place was OK until today!! Has anyone got any views on Evelines nursery in Raynes Park? I have also heard that Teddies is good but I dont think they will have a space at such short notice. I am starting to panic.


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