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To those who have opened a nursery.

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girrafey · 02/06/2006 09:43

ok, i know it has been done before but after having looked at nurseries for my dd to start in september i am seeing a gap in the market for a particular part of my town. my partner ( whose family owns their own company ) and myself ( used to run a dance school) have decided to would like to open up a day nursery. I myself am qualified and i am also friends with an older lady who is qualified who would act as our manager.

ok stupid question though is where do/ did you start? we have researched on some websites and they give conflicting information.

basically should we find a premises first and then investigate funding showing what we would like. or is that wasting our time and should we try and establish if we can get funding first and then find a premises?

we are not in an immediate rush and not doing this to make money. ( though a wage for me would be nice) the best school in the area is the area that does not have a nursery. yet they have a pre school in the school grounds. would it be worth contacting the school and tell them that i am planing on a nursery that feeds into them, see if we could connect it with the pre school etc, or is that getting to technical?

ok, sorry waffling on. would just like some advice on where to start etc. we are very serious about this , and after researching think that it would do well, and benefit the area.

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