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When is tooo ill??

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chapsmum · 25/05/2006 14:19

so sorry if this has been done before, the chap has just started nursery this week and I wanted to know what the etiquite was.
Obviously I would never dream of sending him in if he had a temp or anything but today he woke up with a cough and a horse voice. Now he was absolutely fine, running around and plyaing like a madman.
There are loads of kids at nursery with coughs but where do you draw the line??
IS it ok to send them as long as tehy are well in them selves or should I be considerring him passing it on to other kids?

Sorry am such a nursery virgin!!!Blush

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Aero · 25/05/2006 14:21

He's probably picked it up there. I'd send him in unless he's obviously ill and needs to be at home.

chapsmum · 25/05/2006 14:23

thanks aero, I just worry about that welsh chicken pox monster...

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chapsmum · 25/05/2006 14:23

seriously though, will other parents be angry at me if I send him in with a couhg, even if he is well?

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Jessajam · 25/05/2006 14:24

wish i could help but when ds started nursey they gave me a list of all the illnesses that meant he had to stay away (temp/chkn px etc) but the parent had to sign it and return it to show they had seen it!!!! So now i don't actually have a copy of it!!! Who can spot the flaw in their plan!!!Grin

melrose · 25/05/2006 14:24

Welcome to nursery! Afraid that if you kept them home every time they had a cough or runny nose they would never be there! I have only kept my DS, v healthy bar the continuous stream of snot, at home when he has had a tummy bug

chapsmum · 25/05/2006 14:26

that is exactly what I was worried about melrose, I mean I dont mind taking time of work for sickness, but that green snot that perminantly hangs of the end of his nose would have me off work till he's 21!!!

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CADS · 25/05/2006 14:37

Suspicious rash or tummy bug. If they don't get snotty noses from other kids they get it from their keyworkers. Besides most viruses are contagious before there is any sign they ill.

chapsmum · 25/05/2006 14:46

thanks every one looks like I may have to start another thread on how to teach a 10 month old to wipe there nose!!

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Bozza · 25/05/2006 14:47

Ours are not allowed in wit conjuntivitis either.

nurseryvoice · 25/05/2006 17:21

we dont accept children with contagious conditions eg. chicken pox, headlice, conjunctivitus. all parents are given a list to take home, it is also on the parents noticeboard, if a child is sent home ill, they are also given an exclusion list.
nurseries by the will of ofsted have to exclude chldren with contagious conditions.
we do not mind coughs colds as everyone has them. but obviously if a child feels ill they would want one to one with their mum.
so i wouldnt worry if i were you.

DumbledoresGirl · 25/05/2006 17:26

Keep them off if they are infectious eg with chicken pox, have a temperature, or have been sick or had diarrhoea within 48 hours. I personally wouldn't send mine if they weren't eating either as that would indicate to me that something wasn't right.

hotmama · 25/05/2006 17:50

Most of dd1's illnesses have been caught at the nursery! Wouldn't send her with a high temperature or mysterious rash - but touch wood this hasn't been an issue.

Dd1 had conjunctivitis and the nursery were O.K. about her going as she had drops.

chapsmum · 25/05/2006 22:00

thanks for the advice every one, sorry am just a nursery virgin! dont want to upset anyone, it is such a fab ursery!

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