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Children's behaviour

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Pac12 · 24/04/2013 09:12

The nursery described by the Belgium mother sounded dreadful even to me, an 'evil mum' who likes nice manners and thinks kids should eat broccoli. I agree, of course children need to burn off energy by running around, playing, learning from their mistakes and from nursery mates what is acceptable behaviour. BUT kids need to know how to behave when out and about, as much for their own safety as for others! That needs to be taught by parents but I see scant evidence of that with some parents. Are they too bored, tired whatever to care what their children do? I look sometimes to see who is with a small child and cannot see anyone who appears interested. At the other end of the spectrum there's the parent whose child is apparently a VIP. Dare I mention kids on scooters or bikes? Anyone else had some seriously dangerous encounters with kids racing around on them along pavements and even in supermarkets?

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