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Montessori Guildford, Guildford daycares!

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BeeLuc · 18/03/2013 21:28

My DD goes to Montessori in Guildford since December 2012, but I am still not sure if its the right place for her. The place looks disorganized and seems like no structure, kids are running around, a bit madhouse and messy, dirty overall. We were given accident reports several times, her being in accidents with other kids, bruised, bumped,etc. The reason we chose Montessori was its outstanding state report which was last done in 2011. Any experience / feedback about Montessori in Guildford is appreciated and any recommendation of nursery / preschool/ daycare in Guildford as well. My DD 3.5 yrs old. And she was born in September so i found out that she won't be going to preschool till 5 yrs old?!! Therefore I need to find a good nursery in Guildford.
We are new in Guildford area.
Thanks in advance.

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racheyp · 05/04/2013 19:44

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