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Brighton nurseries

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jussi · 14/03/2013 13:17

Hello everyone,
Will post in local as well but can anyone recommend a nursery in Brighton for my 3 year old for 2 days a week.Moving there tomorrow from London and found out today she did not get into the school nursery we had hoped for.
Thanks in advance

OP posts:
HappySunflower · 15/03/2013 23:25

What area do you live /work in?
It's a big place, and I know a lot lf the nurseries well, but narrowing it down a bit will help!

But, for starters.....Blueberry would be my Number 1 choice for a three year old. Followed by Tarnerland, which you'll struggle to get into as its usually vey oversubscribed.

spotofcheerfulness · 17/03/2013 07:08

My DS1 was in Pumpkin Patch on Preston Drove and v happy there.

racheyp · 05/04/2013 19:46

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