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Childcare vouchers

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NewChoos · 04/03/2013 19:46

I asked the childcare lead at work to cancel my vouchers from 17-24 weeks (when mat pay is worked out). She forgot to do this the first month but is reimbursing me, so my pay should not be affected. I asked if I could rejoin after 24 weeks and she said I couldn't until return to work after mat leave (she was a bit curt in emails!). I had asked her if I could have vouchers when on SMP (planning to take a year off and wouldn't clarify and I wondered if this was because it's a grey area?).
I emailed the voucher provider as this didn't seem right and they say I can rejoin anytime with 4 weeks notice.
So shall I just go ahead and rejoin in May? I'm a bit worried about what the childcare lead will say. She must get notified re my vouchers? Having said that I work in a big organisation, so maybe not, but as she has already said I can't, I'm worried that I really am not entitled to them (rather than her just being unhelpful!)
Am I worrying too much (hormones!) and should I rejoin?!

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Mandy21 · 05/03/2013 12:47

Dont quote me in this but I don't think you can rejoin - I was told the rules were that if you cancelled the vouchers (in order to get increased maternity pay) you couldn't rejoin and receive the vouchers during the rest of your pregnancy. That night be just be my scheme and my employer but they did two costs breakdowns for me to see which would be the best option for me.

cogitosum · 06/03/2013 09:52

It depends what your terms adn conditions say. It's not up to the voucher provider it's up to your employer (although many will use template T&Cs provided by the provider).

If they would let people rejoin when they are at work then the same has to apply to you when you're on maternity leave. But if they have a general rule that if you leave you have to wait 6 months (or whatever) before rejoining and that applies to everyone, then that is fine.

nextphase · 06/03/2013 20:02

Can you cancel your cancellation?

I know it will make a small amount of difference to the 6 weeks at 90% of pay portion, but if you are still in the scheme while on ML, the rules state they can't deduct childcare vouchers from SMP, so you get SMP PLUS childcare vouchers. I suspect this is more than the £24 for 6 weeks you will gain????

NewChoos · 06/03/2013 20:37

Thanks for the replies. I read the childcare leaflet provided at work and this says you can rejoin if you have been within the scheme for 1 year when you leave, which is why I emailed the voucher people. They have said I can definitely rejoin in May. Shall I tell the childcare lead? I don't want to get in trouble!
Nextphase - I worked out I was slightly financially better off my leaving the scheme even if I couldn't rejoin.

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