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Nursery Funding Please help!

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Nicolajayne1 · 01/02/2013 11:40

Hiya im new to this site and in need of some advice.

My daughter turned 3 in oct so from 1st of january shes entitled to 15 hours and she only does 11 but they are still charging me £148 as apparently my daughter is only entitled to 6 hours until march? So i told them a couple of weeks ago that my daughters will be 31st january as my partner has been.made redundant and cant affordto pay it but she should be getting 15 hours free? So they have charged me for the whole of feb and not my 4 weeks notice. I.know its bad but to be honest i dont wanna pay it at all bcos if i knew i had to pay still when she should be entitled to 15 hours i would of moved her ages ago

adoes anyone know what i can do?

OP posts:
insancerre · 03/02/2013 15:20

Does your daughter only attend for one day a week?
Because the maximum that can be claimed for one day is 6 hours which is made up of 2 x 3 hour sessions.
I think you need to speak to the nursery as I don't understand why she is only entitled to 6 hours until march

breatheslowly · 03/02/2013 15:28

The pattern of hours that can be claimed for varies by local authority and childcare provider - you could contact your local authority for advice. It may also only be term-time.

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