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Nurseries in Hale or Bowdon

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musbury · 01/02/2013 10:59

Could someone please recommend me a good day nursery in Hale or Bowdon, we are moving to the area in July and my daughter will be 2.5 yrs. Thanks heaps.

OP posts:
Mandy21 · 01/02/2013 21:14

There are quite a few nurseries in the Hale area. Bowdon doesn't have any private nurseries that I know of, but does have a number of pre-schools (St Lukes, nursery attached to the Bollin school). I would recommend Oakfield Nursery School in Altrincham, it is worth giving the owner a call, but you'll probably have to go on a waiting list. Other popular nurseries are Richmond House in the village, Bankhall Lane (now called Hale nursery I think, part of the Elmscot group), and Kids Planet on Hale Road (this is relatively new). Broussa also gets good reviews but that is term time only as far as I know - it depends what kind of flexibility you have.

racheyp · 05/04/2013 19:55

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