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Nurseries in Wallington, Hackbridge

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liliasha · 15/01/2013 14:11

Can anyone recommend any good nurseries in Wallington, Hackbridge? Our son is 30 months and he's never atended the nursery.
Also I would like to find a good Playgruop in the same area.
Any advice would be gratefully received, thanks in advance!

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racheyp · 05/04/2013 20:02

This reply has been deleted

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dizzibirdi · 14/04/2013 20:05

All of my children have attended Spencer Nursery, which is very close to the BedZed development. My 2 year old son is there and we are very happy with the care they provide - there is usual quite a wait for a place though.

dizzibirdi · 14/04/2013 20:06


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