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Table Time Traumas

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fhutts · 13/11/2012 15:22

My 2.9 DD has been going to the same nursery for 18months. For the main she has been very happy however last week she was reprimanded by one of the Nursery Nurses for something that happened at the table during lunch. Apparently it was a minor issue but she was exceptionally distressed at being "told off". This was on Wednesday and since then each time they eat she is going into meltdown and becoming practically hysterical. The NN are brilliant and offer her plenty of cuddles and comfort but I am so upset and worried about this. It has now had a knock on effect whereby she is becoming hysterical when I drop her off in the morning.
It is really beginning to get to me, I hate the thought of her being upset.
Any ideas how I can help her overcome this? They can not never be reprimanded surely? She isn't a particularly fussy eater although like any 3year old gets ants in her pants at the able a home!

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