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Harpenden nurseries

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Kittyhaha · 06/11/2012 22:52

We are moving to Harpenden with our 3 year and 5 month old. Bit nervous about the move as we don't know anyone and so have no local knowledge. We will be living very near the station and need a nursery nearby. Harpenden Day nursery has places and I liked it on a visit but it seemed a bit quiet!! The Playskool looks great online but is full. Would love to hear some first hand views and advice.

OP posts:
SkiBumMum · 06/11/2012 23:03

Harpenden Day Nursery is lovely. DD1 went there until Sept. Lots of the pre-school age kids (as is usual in the town) moved to the State nursery school or nursery class at primary school so their pre-school room did go quiet over the summer. We always found it to be very friendly, caring and stretching. They do tons of stiff.

mycatlikestwiglets · 07/11/2012 10:18

I have friends with children in most of the nurseries in Harpenden (DS is at one, but not the one you mention). Without exception, everyone is happy with their choice - standards are high because the parents demand it, it's one of the many benefits of living here Smile.

When did you visit? DS' nursery has been very quiet the last couple of weeks due to half term (2 weeks for private school children) so perhaps it was a timing issue? We tried to get DS into Harpenden Day Nursery due to its convenience for the station but they didn't have any places (back in Jan) so I don't think you need to worry about it being quiet. The nurseries generally seem to fill all their places.

nickyboo · 22/11/2012 11:44

Kittyhaha, your post is very timely, as we had our offer accepted on a house in Harpenden the other day, so looks like we will be moving there too after Xmas some time DS has just turned 3and I am stressing about the nursery situation. Going to visit BusyBees, Harpenden Day nursery and Playskool next Tuesday to suss them out and see about vacancies. We need somewhere close to the station. From your post it seems like Playskool is full, so that will probably be a waste of time.

Feeling really guilty about taking DS out of his existing nursery in London, where he is pretty settled and has made friends, so I'm hoping it all won't be too disruptive. Good to hear that someone else is in the same boat and maybe our 3 year olds might end up in the same nursery ! Let me know how you get on.

Kittyhaha · 04/12/2012 22:05

Nickyboo, what did you think? We've settled on Harpenden Day nursery. Horribly guilty and anxious about separating DS1 from his best buddies. How are you getting on?

OP posts:
nickyboo · 07/12/2012 09:51

Kittyhaha, we are still trying to decide ! I saw Harpenden Day Nursery and Busy Bees. Also had an appointment for Playskool, but they wouldn't let me in because I forgot my photo ID ! So that rules that one out, as I haven't got the time to head all the way over to Harpenden again from West London just to see it. I really liked the Harpenden Day Nursery and a lovely lady showed me around and was very thorough in terms of dealing with all my questions. It was extremely busy, however on the day I went there (a Tuesday), and she advised that they were pretty much at maximum capacity that day, but that other days were quieter.

Busy Bees was fine- a much younger lady showed me around - she was nice, but very professional and a bit business-like. Probably lacked the "motherly" feeling compared to the lady in the first place, but dealt with all my questions fine. I liked the outside space better here, I think, but this nursery seemed less busy, and I'm wondering if there is a reason for this. Another factor in all of this is that fees for 3 year olds full time at Busy Bees are a lot less that Harpenden Day Nursery- almost £3k a year, when the government funding for 3 year olds is taken into account for both. Initially , I thought there must be some mistake, but I've double checked with both of them, and this is the case. I think the main difference comes down to Busy Bees reduce fees for over 3 years because of the increased staff to child ratio, and Harpenden Day Nursery don't seem to. However, I don't want the decision to be based on money alone, so am struggling to decide !

Have you moved yet ? Let me know how you are getting on! it will probably be the end of January for us at the earliest- all the legal work is taking forever !

Kittyhaha · 02/01/2013 21:58

Nickyboo, we are booked in for Harpenden Day Nursery starting late Jan. Still no mortgage but everything else sorted for our move (help!). Maybe see you there.....

OP posts:
nickyboo · 25/04/2013 17:34

Hi Kitty,

Just checking to see if you have moved and if you are happy with your nursery choice ? We moved in March so still settling in- would be good to hear from someone in the same boat !

Kittyhaha · 23/05/2013 14:30


Sorry, v late response from me. But YES. We are here. And happy to meet up sometime for a coffee if you fancy it??

OP posts:
Carolina2013 · 12/11/2013 13:05


I was reading your posts as I am moving to Harpenden soon. I wonder if you manage to settle you babies at the nurseries.
When you say Harpenden Day Nursery is Asquith at Vaughan Road? I registered my baby there to start on 15th Jan can you let me know your experience at from my visit I noticed that 1 year old baby room is quite small.
Many thanks

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